What does a tantra massage cost?

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A tantra massage is a profound experience for body, soul and spirit that requires a goodly amount of time. Two hours is the minimum, three hours is optimal. The same applies to tantric sex therapy healing sessions, training & coaching sessions and all other offers on this page.


Two-handed massages

Classic tantra massage / Healing session /Opening the Well of Shakti / Training & coaching sessions
with one of us


2 hours€ 200,-
2½ hours€ 240,-
3 hours€ 280,-
3½ hours€ 320,-
4 hours€ 350,-

 € 30,- for each additional half hour

Four-handed massages

Wild Life tantra massage / Training & coaching session / From couple to couple / Union ritual / Healing session / Opening the Well of Shakti with both of us


2 hours€ 380,-
2½ hours€ 460,-
3 hours€ 540,-
3½ hours€ 600,-
4 hours€ 650,-

€ 50,- each additional half hour

All times include approximately half an hour for introductory and follow-up talks, changing clothes and showering.

If these prices overreach your financial wherewithal, give us a call. We may be able find alternative options.

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To book a massage with us, you can either call or use our booking form. You can confidently leave a message on our answering machine, we will be sure to call you back as soon as possible. Our beautiful massage space is located in downtown Berlin. We will give you the exact address when you make your appointment.

If this is your first tantra massage, then please be sure to view our frequently asked questions page before contacting us.

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