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It is a win-win-win-win-thing. Why?
  1. The writing down of your experiences solidifies it in you and lets it become a foundation on which you can continue to build. We call this verbal integration.
  2. You support other people, who might also benefit from this experience, with your personal recommendation to take the first step.
  3. You support us in our work, because only if new people find us can we carry our message of wild life into the world.
  4. As an appreciation and energy balance for your advertising use, we will credit you with 30 euros if your work is at least 300 words.

Your voice is important to us! That is why we would like to credit you with 30 euros for your next massage / healing session for a nice experience report of at least 300 words for publication as a reference in our public appearance. But also a short feedback in a few words is very helpful and supports us!

Date, two- or four-handed, etc...
Please find an expressive and catchy title for your report
This will NOT be published, but we need to identify the author
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