Frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding tantra massage and tantric sex therapy healing sessions

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We do our best to answer all prominent questions in advance on this page. So, we expect you to read through these questions and answers before booking your first tantra massage or healing session.

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  1. Tantra massage content and rules – What’s allowed, what isn’t?
  2. Questions on tantric sex therapy healing sessions
  3. Practical and organizational stuff
  4. Background and good to knows

Tantra massage content and rules: What’s allowed, what isn’t?

What is tantra massage?
In the 1960s, tantra massage was developed by Andro, a Berlin man who went on to establish the Diamond Lotus Tantra Institute, the oldest tantra institute in Europe. Tantra massage unifies a variety of Asian massage techniques with the Red Tantra philosophy which, among other things, views and practices sexuality as sacred. Tantra massage is a ritual of reverence, worshipping the body as a sacred temple and home to the soul; in praise of the human miracle. This ritual bows in adoration of divine sensuality and divine lust. All tantra massage participants are completely naked. The massage allows plenty of time and often includes an extended, often passionate intimate massage. You will find in-depth descriptions under our tantra massage offering and throughout the following pages.
Which massage techniques are applied during a tantra massage?
Tantra massage does not adhere to any specific massage technique. Classically, it is based on yin-yang massage, various Thai or yoga massages and Hawaiian healing massages such as Lomi Lomi Nui or Rivers of Love. We also apply elements from fascia massage, sport massage, joint release, tapping massage or Osho’s rebalancing.
Is tantra massage the same as a sensual or erotic massage?
Yes and no. If you are looking for a sensual or erotic massage, then this is the place for you as tantra massages can be very sensual and sincerely erotic. If you are looking for a holistic massage that encompasses your entirety exactly as you are without ulterior intentions, that allows anything to happen but nothing must, then, yes, this is absolutely the right place to be. With loving compassion, Tantra massage accepts that there are many people in our society starving for intimate touch, for unfettered sexuality and is glad to offer nourishment – within a holistic, balancing energy field. In essence, tantra massage a ritual of reverence. The masseur or masseuse worships the body as sacred temple of the soul, as a prayer to the human miracle present within the temple, embodying the divine principle, specifically the divine male or divine female. 
Are the masseur/masseuse and I both naked?
Yes. We begin wearing lungis (we lend you one) for the greeting and honoring ritual and then we shed all husks. When you seek a therapeutic tantra massage, we will gladly make an exception and remain clothed.
Do one or both of you massage me?
Both options are possible. The two-handed massage is most common and you can choose which of us you wish to massage you. As a deeply loving tantric married couple, the four-handed massage  invites you to the heart of our vibrant space of intimacy. In this sizzling energy field, you are massaged and held by both yin and yang, where you can encounter deeply evolved passion as well as parental warmth and security. 
Can I choose who will massage me, a man or a woman?
Yes, absolutely! We are both completely open to same sex and opposite sex massages. Whatever feels best for you. You can also  enjoy a four-handed massage from the both of us together.
Do you massage on a futon or massage bench?
We can do either. However, our first choice would be on the futon since tantra massage applies the entire body – yours and the masseur’s/masseuse’s. Several body-to-body techniques are not possible on the bench. But if you would prefer being massaged on the bench, we have one available. In that case, it is important you share your preference with us ahead of time or we will arrange the Temple with the futon. Changing furnishings at short notice is not possible. 
Do you massage with your entire body? (Body to Body)
Yes, that is normal and wonderfully sensual, creating deep bonding, intimacy and safeness. If this causes you anxiety, then let us talk about it and we’ll adapt to your needs. If you prefer, we can forego intense closeness.
Which intimacies are included in the massage?
You should first know that any touching you do not want will not happen, this is a given. A so-called normal tantra massage includes the breasts and yoni (vulva & vagina) outside and inside, or the lingam (penis).  Orgasms and ejaculations, both male and female  are welcome.  An extended tantra massage can entail an anal and prostrate massage, also from inside and out. It may be that you are touched by lips or tongue, but never on the yoni, lingam or anus. Oral sex and sexual intercourse are excluded on principle. You, as our client, remain passive throughout the entire massage.
Are sexual organs massaged?
Normally, yes. This is the climax of classic tantra massage. These sacred body parts are gifted with much time, attention and love. Both male and female orgasms and ejaculations are welcome. Yet, if you wish, we can leave out this intimate massage. Talk to us, we’re here for you.
Does the massage include sex?
You should first know that any touching you do not want will certainly not happen, this is a given. A so-called normal tantra massage includes the breasts and yoni (vulva & vagina) outside and inside, or the lingam (penis).  Orgasms and ejaculations, both male and female  are welcome. An extended tantra massage can entail an anal and prostrate massage, also from inside and out. It may be that you are touched by lips or tongue, but never on the yoni, lingam or anus. There is no oral sex or sexual intercourse, ever. You, as our client, remain passive throughout the entire massage.
Can I kiss, caress or erotically touch the masseur or masseuse?
You may touch us when you feel the need for an anchor or for security, i.e. on an arm or leg. It is important that you do not become active. You remain passive throughout the entire tantra massage. The tantra massage is a ritual of reverence. You are worshipped, your masseur or masseuse (or both) worship you. Your only challenge is to accept this gift of love, to allow it to fully infuse your heart and body. In intimate situations, we are often so grateful and so hungry for more that we try to reciprocate energy by caressing, hoping to get more or to show gratitude or to solidify the relationship. In this manner, the love we receive is immediately tossed back and nothing truly arrives within us. Thus: No, you may not grope, finger, kiss or suck, not even rub. Of course, you can move or express yourself, but during the massage you are solely recipient. Naturally, you can say ‘stop’ when you don’t like something, but otherwise the masseur/masseuse leads, guiding the energy and journey. You surrender and enjoy.
What is special about the Wild Life massage?
The Wild Life Massage is a four-handed tantra massage from the two of us. What makes it so special is our tantric, open-hearted and deeply loving marriage. A highly unique, alert, powerful and not seldom sizzling energy field flows from our bond, from our mission and from our sexuality, enveloping you in support, affinity, intimacy and ecstasy. You are a guest in our sacred nuptial space enjoying the most profound hospitality. Wild Life is the heart of our Tantra Center philosophy and the core of who we are. The Wild Life massage infuses your entire being with the Wild Life, your body, your soul, your heart.   
Can I have more if I pay more?
Sexual services such as a blowjob or “just a little fuck” have no business in the tantra massage space and we do not offer them in this setting. And especially not spontaneously during the massage when you think, “hey, I’ve got some extra cash on me, maybe…” No way. No how. Niente. Never. Forget it. These things are most definitely not part of a tantra massage. However, with our long-term sexual therapy clients, in a secure, practiced therapeutic setting, we may thoroughly explore all sexual triggers together to see and work with whatever comes to light.
What is an anal or prostate massage?
We allow lots of time for this massage, so it is only possible during a 2.5-hour tantra massage. We begin by tenderly massaging your buttocks, activating and relaxing them. Then the masseur or masseuse gently glides into your anal opening with a fingerling – a small finger condom – and massages the sphincter and pelvic base muscles from the inside. If desired, we also offer a prostate massage for men which is very relaxing and can also be highly erotic, culminating in a unique anal orgasm. In tantric sex therapy, the anus is the gateway to the subconscious. For men, it is the key to their feminine, receptive and emotional self. The anal massage may invoke deep emotions.
Can I learn the female ejaculation during the massage?
Yes! Good idea! If the female ejaculation interests you, tantra massage is an excellent place to practice. Of course, we cannot guarantee it will work, but Chono is an experienced expert in the field. Certainly, if you feel more secure with a woman, you can practice with Tandana. 
I don’t feel anything when I have sex. Can tantra massage help?
Yes. Awakening women’s yoni as well as integrating pelvis and heart in both genders are classic purposes of tantra massage.  Since we take plenty of time, we can create a sensual trance of deeper perception. You have the quiet and space to feel yourself, to gently open seemingly closed doors and allow the experience to grow and flourish within you – without the slightest pressure or expectation. You can learn so much about how you wish to be touched and how to express your hunger. We also offer couple coaching sessions that can be combined with tantra massage.
What if intense emotions arise during the massage?
Wonderful! The essential nature of tantra massage allows everything that comes up to be revealed. You are free to laugh, cry and scream, whether in rage or passion, no matter. We have the strength and therapeutic background to handle whatever emerges. Our sole tantra massage intention is to hold space for all that you are, to tenderly care for you and uphold the ritual of witnessing whatever wishes to be witnessed. We rarely interact with the emotions, we simply give them the space to be. This is what heals most – the deep experience of who you are. No one is worried, no one bombards you with good advice, no one wants to change anything. Whether full of joy, wild lust or deep sorrow, you are loved and cared for all the same. You are embraced.
What if I fall in love with my tantra masseur / masseuse?
Beautiful! This means your love is awakened, you live and feel intensely. Love, elevated to a higher consciousness, is the smartphone to God. Of course, it’s not so beautiful if loving us causes you suffering, if you long for us, if you are painfully confronted with your loneliness or inner void. The good news is, you can talk to us! We gladly support you in guiding this awakened energy along a healing path, learning to take pleasure in it. Like the memory of a paradisical land you visited that nourishes your heart for weeks after you have left it. Without returning there, the gifted energy flows into your beautiful life at home. And you can see us again, you know. You can arrange for regular massages, or simply join our evening group or try out our coaching sessions. We offer you several paths to enter into a marriage with yourself – we’re already taken. 
I have a disability – can I still receive a tantra massage?
Yes, most gladly! So very often, being disabled in our society means suffering an abhorrent lack of intimacy, tenderness and sexuality. Tantra massage is not only highly therapeutic, it enormously improves your quality of life. No matter how you are shaped, being human is a miracle and tantric massage is the ritual of loving and reverencing this wonder, the sacredness of your passion. However, if you have a handicap it is most IMPORTANT that you speak openly with us about it in advance so we can make arrangements to overcome possible hurdles such the need for a skilled helper or other special aids. In such cases, we can arrange to give the massage at another location, i.e. at a residential home for disabled people. Naturally, disabled or not 🙂, there may be reasons for us to refuse to give you a massage. 🙂

Questions regarding tantric sex therapy healing sessions

What are tantric sex therapy healing sessions?
Many problems we have with our sexuality are best approached practically. We begin with field tests, see what happens and then draw from our overflowing toolbox of therapeutic methods and tantric life experience. Traumata are integrated and sexual blocks dissolved. We guide you to your being-as-you-are, resourceful, lively and joyous. Read more here…
Which healing methods do you use in tantric sexual therapy?
We work with a wide variety of body work and physical therapy methods, with various massage techniques and multiple energy work models. We also apply coaching tools and several types of breath therapy. In addition, we bring bioenergetic trauma therapy, expressive emotional release, shamanic healing, hypnosis, active and tantric meditations as well as attentiveness training and Grinberg techniques into play. And LOVE most of all. You can work with one of us or both of us together. If, for example, you are a woman who has been abused by a man it would make sense to work with both of us: Chono as competent, gentle male trigger and Tandana as guiding feminine support and security.
Whom does tantric sexual therapy healing sessions help?
People with abusive histories often completely disassociate from their sexual organs which can manifest itself several different ways. Maybe sex is passionless, or they feel nothing at all or have a paralyzing fear of intimate contact and avoid it at all costs. In such cases, we practice with you, going as slowly as you need, touching your body with deep awareness, intimately and variously and working with whatever arises – or doesn’t. Healing sessions can also work with and resolve a number of issues such as libido or erection disorders, so-called frigidity, lack of desire, premature ejaculation, fear of intimacy, disassociation from certain body parts and more – even if the cause of the problem is unknown.
I have so many more questions regarding healing sessions!
Of course you do, that’s natural! 🙂 You have come a long way, have recognized your issues and found the courage to seek professional help. Well done! Facing your demons is a fearful proposal and there are plenty of ifs, ands or buts ready to hold you back from taking the next step – wholly understandable and utterly human resistance. Which is why we suggest you get to know us first, without any obligations. We can talk on the phone or you can come to one of our evening groups, after which you can talk to us.

Practical and organizational stuff

Where do the massages and healing session take place?
In the heart of Berlin in Kreuzberg, Mitte or Friedrichshain. You will receive the exact address once we have spoken on the phone and agreed on an appointment. We are not a walk-in massage studio. We arrange the Tantra Temple for you and you alone once you have booked a tantra massage.
Can I just pop in for a massage?
No. Tantra massages are only available with a prior telephone appointment. We are not a walk-in massage studio. We arrange the Tantra Temple for you and you alone once you have booked a tantra massage.
When is your studio open?
We do not run a studio. All offerings require an individual agreement. You can call us on the phone any time between 9am and 9pm. Massage appointments can basically be made on any day of the week and at nearly any time of the day, including early mornings or late evenings. Assuming, of course, your desired masseur/masseuse has time – we’re working people, too 🙂. 
How do I make an appointment?
Your best bet is to call Tandana at: +49 (0) 151 424 33 280, but you can also reach us via email. You are welcome to bombard our beautiful ears with questions, if you’re still not sure. We will gladly take the time to explain things to you. 
What should I bring to the massage?
Nothing 🙂. Just enough cash to pay for the massage upfront. Depending on which massage variation you have booked, you will be with us for at least 2 hours. You can shower here and we have everything you need. If you have especially sensitive skin with special needs, it may be a good idea to bring an optimal massage oil along. We have a variety of massage oils, including one without perfume.
Can I shower at your place?
Yes, it’s customary before the massage. Showering after the massage is up to you. It can be a delightful feeling as well as deepen the effect if you take the massage’s energy and aroma home with you. 
How long is a tantra massage / healing session?
The shortest massage is two hours long: 90 minutes plus 30 minutes for before and after talks, dressing and showering. The standard duration is two and a half hours or three hours when an anal massage is included. Three hours and longer are primarily for comprehensive couple rituals. The shortest healing sessions are also two hours, but the talking time and practical work often blend into one another. You should calculate with more than one healing session to truly integrate and embed the therapeutic impact attained in the session. 
Can I book a shorter massage/healing session?
Unfortunately, you can’t. The essence of tantra massage is holistic and creating the strong energy field of love and trust takes time and dedication. Which is why the shortest massage is 90 minutes, allowing a further 30 minutes for before and after talks, dressing and showering. That’s two hours of relaxation in our space without the slightest pressure. Healing sessions also need time and repetition to truly integrate and embed the therapeutic impact.
How much does a tantra massage / healing session cost?
Prices begin at 200.€ for a 90-minute tantra massage + 30 minutes for before and after talks, dressing and showering, or a 2-hour healing session with all that entails. Each additional half hour costs 40.€. Sessions over 4 hours receive a 10% price reduction and include a small meal. Massages and sessions with both Chono and Tandana (4-handed massage or healing sessions with both) cost double with a little reduction. These FAQ were updated in April 2022, current prices can always be found HERE.
Are your offers also for couples?
Yes, that would be wonderful! Couple to couple tantra massage is one of our major specialties. You can read all about it in our tantra massage from couple to couple site. We do not offer healing sessions for couples, our couples coaching covers this nicely.
Can a friend come with me to be massaged?
Certainly! You must be aware that we, one man and one woman, are the only available masseur/masseuse and both massages take place in one room. So you will both witness everything that happens. We think that’s beautiful! It can be a profound shared experience, transforming and deepening your friendship in a whole new way. Ultimately, everything we offer for couples is naturally available to friends. You can create your own unique shared adventure!
Can I book a tantra massage / healing session when I suffer from HIV, hepatitis, skin or venereal diseases or other infectious illnesses?
Unfortunately, no. Naturally we understand that people suffering from such diseases are in dire need of loving touch. But we have decided not to take the risk. Not only to shield ourselves, but most definitely to protect our clients. For this reason, we exclude from tantra massages and healing sessions – without exception and with legal consequences in our GTC – those suffering from infectious diseases.

Background and Good to Knows

What does tantra mean?
Literally, tantra mean weaving, meaning the universe, the big tapestry, indicating that all things are connected. Tantrism is an ancient ideology, older than all major religions and is related to shamanism. Tantra massage is a modern phenomenon, a neo-tantra manifestation developed by a German named Andro in the 1960s. In Tantrism, lust and sexuality are sacred, they are the divine fusion of yin and yang, the divine masculine and divine feminine principles. 
What are Shakti & Shiva?
In tantra, all women are called Shakti and all men, Shiva. Tandana is a Shakti, Chono a Shiva. These are the names of the two most prominent Hindu gods. Shiva embodies, among other things, the divine male principle, Shakti, among other things, the divine female. Now, we could write books about this but for our in-house use what you primarily need to know is that in every tantra ritual – and tantra massage is one such ritual – man and woman relinquish their mundane identity at the Temple door. The man is revered as the embodiment of Divine Masculine, the woman is revered as the embodiment of Divine Feminine. And so they are named Shiva and Shakti. Additional information… 
What is yin & yang?
The terms yin & yang come from Chinese philosophy. Simply put, they indicate the primeval polarities that together create the universe. Healing and love emerge when we strive to balance yin and yang energies. In tantra, the yin-yang symbol ☯ mirrors the passionate union of Shakti & Shiva, a sacred act of creation. Yin is feminine: all things of round, soft, still, gentle, protective-preserving and dark quality. Yang is masculine: spiky, active, hard, transformative and bright. Our bodies have correlating zones, some are more yin, others more yang. When you roll up in an embryonic position as in the face of great danger, all yin zones are hidden and all yang zones visible. Tantra massage is attentive to these qualities and entails many balancing strokes in harmony with corresponding time frames. Here lies one the most healing aspects of tantra massage. 
What are yoni & lingam?
These words represent the genitals and come to us from the ancient Indic language Sanskrit. The yoni is the vagina, the inner realm encompassing the G-spot or G-surface and the cervix as well as the vulva, the labia, the clitoris and the pubic hair. The lingam is simply the penis. The lingam massage also entails gently massaging the testicles and outer pelvic muscles.
How can lust be sacred?

How can lust not be sacred? Lust is the energy urging yin and yang to merge, and from their union the cosmos is created. Lust is the essence of gravitation and nuclear energies, ensuring the continued existence of all matter. Lust is, in a manner of speaking, God’s willpower. It is the engine of evolution, the motivation for every creative deed. Sexual lust is the purest manifestation, joining Shiva and Shakti in the sacred union from which all things emerge. When we free ourselves from repressing taboos, we distinctly feel lust’s power. Our bodies and hearts glow, tremble, radiate and electrify as desire shouts out, “Look! I am the manifestation of God in your flesh, the most powerful sensation you will ever know!”

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